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What Greens Are Doing For Me

Posted on October 6, 2011


  What are Greens are doing for me?  Well what aren't they doing? I have been wanting to do this post for sometime now. I seem to be getting more calls, texts or comments per week about this topic more than anything else... (Thats a good thing ;) I posted this beautiful photo because I add beans to my green smoothie. Actually, I'll add anything that happens to be green, red or purple and is in my fridge or from my garden.

  So I'm trying to recall when exactly it was I started to put my salad into a blender and drink it. I keep coming up with early February 2011 or even January. I can tell you I liked it immediately! I loved the taste and i knew i was doing something so good for my body. Let's be honest here, no matter how good of an eater most of us are, we are not getting enough greens! We need something like 1 Lb of greens a day, do you know how hard that is? Think wild animal here- all they do is eat!! So blending was a great solution for me. Yes I felt good- I usually do...Yes I didn't get sick last winter, but Iphoto.jpg don't normally :) Lots of exercise helps boost immunity, but the truth is I wasn't getting these sudden bursts of energy that I had read about. I didn't loose ten Lbs (but I didn't have 10 Lbs to loose either).

 But I’m here to spread the HEALTH... Whats happening now is truly remarkable... Guess what- I feel amazing... better than ever! Energy- HELL YA! My skin tone is improving, my body fat is down, my cravings are all but gone, and my eating habits are even better than before! Just to be clear, I blend with my Vita Mix. I have a juicer that I do use sometimes but right now I'm blending, and with blending you get all the fiber. This way, I feel full and some days it's a meal. If people have illness (disease or cold/flu) or need a burst of quick energy, try a juice. Juicing goes right into the cells and your body does not have to digest or do any work. The nutrients go right into the cells. Either way is great, but just like anything else, you decide whats is right for you. Just be close to the potty because it's worse then green tea and a large water. But that's what we need to do- detoxify and feed our cells on pure goodness. I believe veggies and yes, fruits, are the most important things to fight disease and keep the body running optimally and even cure minor to major ailments. It's nonnegotiable! Veggies are a must if you want to live a healthy lifestyle, not to mention a long life. Hopefully a happy life! When we have our health we have wealth.

 Lastly, I want to add a quick note about recipes, this is the area which really freezes people.... Think 1 serving of fruit per 3 servings of veggies you throw in. Experiment with what you like. I love apple in mine... any kind of apple and I always top mine off with lemon and ice in a glass. Tonight I used limes and I loved it. I call this the salt of my drink. The lemon or lime just brings out the flavor and is good for us to boot! Once in a while I add some pineapple or I even thrown in some wine grapes. I do try my best to load it with kale, swiss chard, spinach, pea shoot and snap peas. I always use cucumbers as well- they're my favorite and they're super good at hydrating your cells. Yesterday, I was down to bare bones, it looked like this... a few pineapple chunks, kale, pea shoots, and two small cucumbers served with lemon and ice! If it's a tad thick just add some water and mix!

 I really want to inspire you to take the leap and start juicing, blending or just add more greens (a lot more) to your diet and see how you feel~ you might just loose ten pounds, get more energy and fight some major disease.  

 Just as a bonus click here for  Dr.Oz's green drink recipe


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